Tips / Hints

Synching the Time
After first boot you will want to issue the command:
ntpdate -u
several times to synchronize your time. NTP is set to run on startup to keep your clock synchronized, but it will not update properly if your hardware clock is way off.

FTP is not enabled
FTP is disabled on the server for security reasons. To add or modify files on the server from Windows, it is recommended that you use a program such as WinSCP or Putty


Installing a Graphical Environment
CactiEZ is meant to be a server, and the fewer the resources the server uses for background processes, the better. If you absolutely have to have a graphical environment, you can easily install one with this command (this should be all one line).
yum groupinstall "X Window System" "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"
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  • Centos 6 x64

  • Cacti v0.8.8a

  • Plugin Architecture

  • Spine Poller

  • Netflow Collection

  • Syslog Collection

  • Thresholding

  • Weathermaps

  • Auto-Discovery